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Remember, your garage door is the largest and heaviest moving object in your home and it has enough force to cause severe injury, so please take precautions and do a safety check frequently. The Washington Post wrote that although older homes may have charm, homes 15 years and older may not live up to safety standards on items such as garage door openers.

Consider calling us to do a service visit today. We will check the balance and force setting on your garage door and garage door opener as well as do a reverse test. The simplest test you can do yourself is the reverse test. Place a 1½ inch object (a 2 x 4 laid flat) on the garage floor and close the garage door. If door fails to reverse within 2 seconds of contact, adjust the opener. If the opener still fails to reverse door, discontinue use of your garage door opener and call TCWRC Garage Door Technician for service or replacement of your existing opener.


Schedule Your Garage Door Tune Up Today
Let the professionals at TCWRC Garage Doorperform our 20 point annual maintenance service (garage door tune up) for you today. This service includes an operational inspection of your door and opener as well as lubrication and adjustments as needed. Most importantly, we'll perform a safety reversal test to make sure your garage door opening system complies with federal safety guidelines and conforms with the UL325 standard.

Our Certified Technicians are available to respond to your service and repair needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for:

  • Residential Garage Doors & Automatic Openers

  • Residential Gates & Gate Entry Systems

  • Commercial Overhead Doors & Electric Openers

  • Commercial Gates & Gate Entry Systems

  • Loading Dock Equipment

TCWRC Garage Door service point in the entire Queens Garage Door and surrounding areas that is all incapable of handling all kinds of garage door needs whether residential or commercial services. TCWRC Garage Door has a team of qualified technicians ready to provide garage door services in Connecticut. It is our priority to provide customers 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our services.

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